Marti Thomas Finafrock, LMT
Therapeutic Massage, Gettysburg PA

Very skilled and very caring

Sara K. says:  Marti combines her great skill and knowledge with her ability to find the places that need work to help my body regain its health and strength every time.  One time it might be tightness from too much lifting or another time from having had a bad cough, she tailors each session to what she finds.  I always feel revived.

I'm in Heaven

Penelope e. says:  Marti should call her business "Heaven on Earth"!  I had so much pain and her work is so healing.  Thank you!

5 Stars

Cathy R. says: A Serious leg injury changed my entire life.  Between chronic pain, neuropathy, and dropfoot, every day is focused on dealing with these afflictions.  Marti Thomas has been the greatest find in my struggles.  She helps me find relief, explains the changes in my body due to the injury and helps me more than meds. or even physical therapy.  She is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and has a healing touch.  I thank her for all her encouragement and support.

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