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What makes for an exceptional therapeutic massage experience?

This question has guided my approach as a licensed practitioner from the start of my practice in 1996. In the last 18 years, you have taught me that all you really need is a place to land, a place to stop, a place where you can be as you are without questioning, without pretense, without apology. In addition, you have shown me that if I can support this need, your bodywork session will unfold naturally.

The best way for me to meet you is without any expectation that the session has to be a certain way or follow a certain protocol. This is called “present moment awareness”. Present moment awareness provides an experience of spaciousness—everything is allowed as it is. Nothing needs changed, censored, held back.

Rest can happen here. In compassionate present moment awareness—where everything can show up without needing fixed—change becomes possible. Alchemy happens, transformation, transmutation, healing occur effortlessly as my hands meet the tension revealing in your body.

Only when we are met as we are with no movement to fix, heal, or change, can our central nervous system (CNS) relax enough to allow our own body’s wisdom to show up. Striving relaxes into permission to be here now with no agenda. Our anxiety ridden state, seemingly necessary to function in our world, gives over to stillness.

Sometimes this evokes agitation, terror, anxiety…these states are met and allowed too. When they are met with equal compassion in the present moment, they can rise in intensity until spent, then release from our CNS, allowing more access to our naturally relaxed restorative body state.

I invite you to learn the practice of present moment awareness with me, to find this inner body wisdom through an ancient practice where your attention in the moment can reveal the roots of chronic physical patterns, only to meet and release them!


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