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FAQ about Massage with Samyama

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What will a bodywork session with you look like now?

For some of you, it won’t change much as you have already embraced the opportunity to collaborate with me in releasing long held trauma from your body/mind system. The invitation, for others, is to learn the practice, called Samyama, of placing attention into pain, tension, resistance showing up in your body. Through this practice of present moment inquiry, the mind lets go and the body reveals what is truly needed here. Sometimes, long-standing pain or discomfort releases in one session. Sometimes, it takes several. Sometimes what changes is your relationship to chronic pain, making it more bearable if not diminishing it completely.

Why can’t I get a bodywork session like before--I really like just zoning out?

You can. And I appreciate that is necessary sometimes. My rates will be the same, however, which is why I invite you to try other practitioners whose rates may be more affordable for this type of session.

What will be expected of me in a session?

Show up as you are. No need to try to be different. Truth. Honest response, even if it’s not “nice” or “doesn’t make any sense”. Often, what shows up is in pictures, sensations, emotions, colors—not words. Whatever appears in this moment is perfect.

What can I expect to learn?

How to put attention into body sensations instead of trying to get away from them. Try it and see what happens. Through this practice, present moment awareness grows.

What if something comes up that I don’t want to deal with?

Very good question! You are in charge of your session at all times. We can stop the session completely. We can slow down the process to allow time for integration. I may recommend you work with a licensed psychotherapist before your next session.

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